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These files are what have been found in general out on the web thus far. These are for historical viewing. Some of the files are timedated, and the latter are fully functional.

Version DOS WildCat! Windows OS/2 Universal Linux Changes
5.10 af2_510  
5.11 afx_511 af!_511 af2_511 afu_511  
5.12 afx_512 af!_512 af2_512 afu_512  
5.13 afx_513 af!_513 af2_513 afu_513  
6.00g17 afxgb017 af!gb017 af2gb017 afugb017  
6.00g18 afxgb018 af!gb018 af2gb018 afugb018  
6.00g19 afxgb019 N/A af2gb019 N/A Changelog
6.1.0 afx610 N/A N/A N/A Changelog
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