2. Registrations

The ALLFIX package represents over 70,000 lines of source code and countless hours of hard work.

ALLFIX is released under the shareware concept. This means that you are allowed to use ALLFIX for a trial period of 30 days. If you want to continue using ALLFIX after the 30 day trial period, you are required to register the program.

A number of features in ALLFIX only become available after you have registered the program. These features are identified with the string "{+}" after their help descriptions in ASETUP. This manual will also mention when an option is only available after registering.

To register, file request ALLFIX.REG from the registration site nearest you. Fill out the form and send it back to the registration site along with the necessary payment. The file REGISTER.HOW contains more information about the registration process and a list of all the registration sites.