FCOMP is a utility that compiles BBS file area configurations into a format that ALLFIX can read. FCOMP is not necessary for ALLFIX! for WildCat, since this type only supports one BBS. It was stated earlier that ALLFIX does not need configuration files from any other program. ALLFIX will function properly without the BBS file area information, however, a number of features are not available unless FCOMP has been run.

The BBS file area information is used for three things: - FileFind replies require that the BBS file areas are scanned for files. - New file reports for new files uploaded to your BBS require that the BBS file areas are scanned for new files. - If the BBS system does not use a FILES.BBS file database system, then ALLFIX needs to be able to determine which file area needs to be updated when a file is being imported.

The advantage of using an external compiler is that support for other BBS programs can sometimes be added by simply making an update of FCOMP as opposed to releasing a new version of ALLFIX.

FCOMP creates a file called FILEAREA.FIX which is stored in the system directory. The information stored in FILEAREA.FIX needs to be updated when changes are made to the file area configuration in the BBS. Running FCOMP multiple times will not affect the ALLFIX configuration unless areas, needed by ALLFIX, are removed from the BBS configuration. Adding areas in the BBS configuration will not require any maintenance in the ALLFIX configuration.

5.1 Command line options

FCOMP requires two command line options.

The first option is the number associated with the BBS system used.

0 RemoteAccess 1.11
1 SuperBBS
2 QuickBBS
3 Maximus 2.0x
4 Ezycom
5 ProBoard
6 RemoteAccess 2.xx
7 Renegade* 4.16
8 PCBoard 15.xx
9 SpitFire*
10 Telegard* 2.17
11 TriBBS*
12 EzyCom 1.10
13 Tag
14 Renegade* v04-05
15 RemoteAccess 2.5x/EleBBS
16 SearchLight* (Not available in ALLFIX/2)
17 TBBS* (Specify path and filename of file area configuration file)
18 LoraBBS 2.40*
19 Telegard 3.0
20 TriBBS 10.x*
21 SynchroNet BBS 2.x*
22 Maximus 3.0x
23 Concord 0.01 gamma 3
24 QuickBBS 2.76
25 ShotGun Professional 1.38
26 Terminate BBS
27 Magic BBS
28 PowerBBS
29 AdeptXBBS 1.11+ (Only available in ALLFIX/2 and ALLFIX/U)
30 BBBS* (FCOMP will process all filedirg.??? files)
31 Tornado BBS
32 Telegard BBS 3.10
255 Scan fileechos

The second option that FCOMP needs is the path to the BBS configuration files. This second parameter is not necessary when you choose to scan the fileechos.

Example: FCOMP 0 C:\RA

* Note: ALLFIX only has support for the file systems for these BBS systems. There is no support for the message base systems.

Please consult the section 12.6 for information about how to use ALLFIX with a BBS system that is not supported.

It should be noted that ALLFIX can detect file sizes and file dates in text based file database files. For example, if a particular BBS uses standard FILES.BBS files, then the file size and the file date are not included in the FILES.BBS files. It could be possible that the system has a number of CD-ROMs online for which the FILES.BBS files use a different structure, namely one where the file size is included in the list. When reading a description from the FILES.BBS files, the file size would normally become part of the description since it was not expected. ALLFIX is capable of recognizing this and will skip the file size and the file data fields if they are present.

Special considerations for ProBoard:

If the BBS system used is ProBoard, ALLFIX will automatically update the UPLOAD.LOG file which is maintained by ProBoard. This file is located in the ProBoard system directory and contains a list of all of the uploaded files, who uploaded them, and when.