8. Cookies

ALLFIX supports the concept of cookies, introduced by a program called FileFix. The name cookie comes from the idea of fortune cookies. Today a cookie can be any small text usually not consisting of more than a few lines. Cookies, as they are called in this documentation, can be included in messages with the appropriate template keyword. The cookies are selected at random from the collection of cookies stored in the COOKIE.DAT file.

8.1 BAKE

Bake is a utility that converts a standard ASCII text file into a cookie data file that can be used by ALLFIX.

Usage: BAKE [d:]path\input.ext [d:]path\output.ext

The input file must be a pure ASCII text file. Each cookie must be separated with one or more blank lines. Please note: cookies that have blank line within them will be interpreted as multiple cookies.

The output file is a cookie data file.

Included in the distribution archive is a example of a cookie file. The name of the file is COOKIE.TXT. This text file needs to be baked into a COOKIE.DAT file, stored in the system directory, before ALLFIX can use the cookie database.


Scramble is a utility to randomly select a different cookie data file. It randomly selects on of the COOKIExx.DAT files in the current directory where "xx" is a number, from 00 to 99, and copies that file over the COOKIE.DAT file.


Cookie is a utility that will randomly select a cookie from the COOKIE.DAT file and display it to the standard output.