1 ALLFIX help and support

The ALLFIX_HELP echomail area is available on most fidonet backbones. The area is read and moderated by the author and programmers, and it is the ideal place to ask questions concerning ALLFIX.
It is also possible to receive support by sending mail to the following fidonet address:
   Bob Seaborn 1:140/1
   Ken Johnson 1:213/720
or to the following Internet address:
You can also find us on the Internet, at:

2 What is ALLFIX?

ALLFIX was born in 1991 when it introduced the FileFind concept which allows BBS users to search for files via echomail. As time progressed it slowly began to develop into a fileecho processor. A fileecho processor is a utility that distributes files between BBS systems. Files are actually sent and recieved by a fidonet style mailer. ALLFIX then places the received files into the proper BBS directories and sends the files to all of the downlinks who have subscribed to those file areas.

Today, ALLFIX is perhaps the most complete fileecho processor available. It can process .TIC files, hatch new files, generate new file reports based on newly received files and on uploaded files, process file requests, and, of course, process FileFind requests.

ALLFIX is accompanied by a very user friendly configuration program that makes the installation process a pleasure. The user interface is modelled after TosScan and Gecho, which many people have grown accustomed to.

This manual is for the following types of ALLFIX:

There are some important differences between these three different versions. The changes will be pointed out whenever necessary by refering to ALLFIX, ALLFIX32 and ALLFIX/2 for the three different types, respectively. Menu options that are specific to one or two versions of ALLFIX will contain those versions within parenthesis after the menu name. In the following example, the text (ALLFIX/2) indicates that the "New task" option is only available in the ALLFIX/2 for OS/2 version.

New Task (ALLFIX/2)

3 What is new in this version?

In each ALLFIX release we try to solve as many bugs and other problems as possible. In addition to that, we also add new features requested by you and others who use ALLFIX. For a detailed list of what has been added, fixed, and changed in this version, please take a look at the UPDATE.LOG and the WHATSNEW.LOG files.

4 Features

This chapter contains a list of some of the features that ALLFIX offers.

5 System Hardware and Software Requirements

ALLFIX for DOS and for WildCat! have the following system requirements:

ALLFIX for OS/2 has the following system requirements: ALLFIX32 for Windows have the following system requirements:

6 License and Disclaimer

"ALLFIX" refers to all executables and documentation as distributed in the compressed file in which the package was released and on the installation disk.