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Some Good News: New Development

I have been in the process of getting all new development workstations setup and configured. I have setup a new internal git repository to start
keeping track of the code changes (have had a svn setup for a while without being touched in a long time) and I am working on getting a CI/CD
setup going to help with testing and getting it deployed to the websites, and via Fidonet. I have been able to get a generic compile of the DOS code,
and with setting up my old OS/2 system in Proxmox, I have been able to get a OS/2 version compiled. I will work on getting the updated OS/2 version online
that removes all of the registration only functionality. Some code has been converted into Freepascal, getting away from the Turbo Pascal (DOS) and Virtual Pascal (OS/2) compilers.

Stay Tuned for more as it progresses


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