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Website New Look

We have a new look.

We have upgraded the site to a little more updated look. Still working on some of the contend (File Downloads still need work)

Work is still progressing on the OS/2 Version (Just purchased 3 new servers. Dual 12 Core Xeon’s with 128 GB Ram for a small cluster backup). This will hold the new Virtual System used for Development and running the websites.

We are also building up our old BBS (if we can find all of the backups. So far, just been installing from scratch.) I have been able to find all of my codes for Solar Realm’s Elite, Barron Realms Elite and Falcons Eye. Have also downloaded all of the old Sunrise Doors. Also found some of the old source code for our Doors we created way back when. Stay tuned for a URL to access all of these as well.