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  • OS/2 Development

    I have my OS/2 environment set up and have begun making the changes needed to compile at least a version 6.1 to correspond to the DOS version that we have. Work has begun at least!!!

  • Some Good News: New Development

    I have been in the process of getting all new development workstations setup and configured. I have setup a new internal git repository to startkeeping track of the code changes (have had a svn setup for a while without being touched in a long time) and I am working on getting a CI/CDsetup going to […]

  • What a couple of years

    I know it has been a horible couple of years. I know many of us have lost family, friends and other loved ones, myself included.I have lost my mother, my aunt and a couple of friends making things difficult. Work has been extreamly busy with all the unemployment keeping me working some 60+ hour weeks. […]

  • COVID-19

    Covid-19. What a pain this virus is. I hope that everyone is safe and doing their part to help this go away. I have had to put Allfix Coding on hold for this time, as I have increased to 70-90 hrs per week at work as I am considered an essential employee and have been […]

  • New ALLFIX.APP Website

    We registered the new domain name ALLFIX.APP for some of our new changes coming. This currently will be for the application, so not much of a frontfacing website will be here, but it possible could be. Stay tuned for more exciting changes.

  • Allfix 6.1 (DOS)

    It’s here!! Allfix 6.1 for DOS!! This can be found in the download section. This should be considered beta software. Please send any issues to me via the ALLFIX_HELP fidonet area, or via netmail. Also, I have made sure all of the registration only features are enabled as registration should not be needed (It does […]

  • Downgrade Program

    I have uploaded a Downgrade program to convert the setup.fix file from Version 6.x back down to 5.13. I have tested this on my local system and it appears to work so far. The file can be located at This is a WINDOWS Executable and will not run in DOS. As always, PLEASE MAKE […]

  • Missing Index

    It has been brought up, that the 6.0.22 were missing the af_doc.idx file and documentation. The missing doc file has been placed onlinefor downloading. This is the old documentation, as it is being re-written for the new version that is being worked on. The most currentdocumentation can always be found online at

  • Documentation

    Documentation for v6 has now been placed online. They are still being updated for the new features in v6.00, but still give a good explanation on items.