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Category: Development

  • OS/2 Development

    I have my OS/2 environment set up and have begun making the changes needed to compile at least a version 6.1 to correspond to the DOS version that we have. Work has begun at least!!!

  • Some Good News: New Development

    I have been in the process of getting all new development workstations setup and configured. I have setup a new internal git repository to startkeeping track of the code changes (have had a svn setup for a while without being touched in a long time) and I am working on getting a CI/CDsetup going to […]

  • Downgrade Program

    I have uploaded a Downgrade program to convert the setup.fix file from Version 6.x back down to 5.13. I have tested this on my local system and it appears to work so far. The file can be located at This is a WINDOWS Executable and will not run in DOS. As always, PLEASE MAKE […]

  • Missing Index

    It has been brought up, that the 6.0.22 were missing the af_doc.idx file and documentation. The missing doc file has been placed onlinefor downloading. This is the old documentation, as it is being re-written for the new version that is being worked on. The most currentdocumentation can always be found online at