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  • Fidonet Address Change

    My fidonet address has changed. I can now be reached at 1:218/720.

  • Quick Status Update!

    Work has got me busy again with some new projects, but I have been making headway on a Windows/Linux GUI verson of ASetup. (I will get some screen shots andpost what things are looking like.) This will be released for Version 7. The re-write has been moving along as well. Have removed the Email tossing […]

  • Windows Issues

    I have been reading about the issues that have been happening with the Version 6 of allfix. I have also been reading that these issues are happening more and more in windows environments. So I will do the following to help get systems up and online. We know that version 5 appears to be working […]

  • In dedication to the memory of Bob Seaborn

    It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to one of our most favorite members. We wish to say goodbye to Bob Seaborn. He will be greatly missed.